Christina Beckmann


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I love working with creatives of all types - designers, artists, academics - and have collaborated on a range of eclectic projects. 

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Mr. Brown and the Tale of Teacup Kitty is a children's book developed with Barcelona designer Ferran Torres. Set in San Francisco, California it stars a german shepherd dog, a crazy raven and a little lost kitty, ultimately found in Dolores Park.

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Off the Radar was an adventure travel newsletter collaboration with Washington, D.C.-based artist, creator and designer Diahann Hill. Off the Radar ran from 2006 - 2011 with the aim of connecting passionate travelers with unusual travel opportunities, supporting sustainable adventure guides and operators around the world.

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The Adventure Tourism Development Index is a collaboration I've spearheaded since 2008 with The George Washington University and the Adventure Travel Trade Association. Over the years it has evolved but remains the only country-level ranking for adventure tourism that incorporates data from non- subjective sources, such as GDP, population density statistics, protected areas, the Environmental Performance Index, the World Resources Institute, Foreign and Commonwealth Travel Warnings, as well as survey data from industry experts.